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SipSavorWine in Plano

- a membership wine club -

About Us

The Wine Club

Members enjoy personal services including sourcing and procuring wines, Food and Wine Pairing assistance, Cellar assistance, Napa and Sonoma travel recommendations and any other wine related services where we can be of value.

The Deal

We are now offering memberships to SipSavorWines. This private club offers lovers of wine in Plano and the surrounding areas an opportunity to join like minded people at Sip & Savor restaurant to discover new wines through tastings and pairings and to enjoy our great food offerings. Members will have access to best pricing, first offerings and personal concierge services. Our commitment is to provide you the best private wine club membership available in the greater Dallas area.

The Restaurant

Sip & Savor opened July 5, 2011 as a neighborhood restaurant serving California wine country inspired food and wine.  The restaurant serves as the hub for the Club.  As a member you will have access to special events, tastings and other activities.


3921 Coit Road, Plano, TX 75093, US

(469) 401 1913


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