Wines for sale at steep discounts at tastings



Are there dues?

Membership dues are $25.00 per month for a single membership, or $40 per month for a couple membership.  This club has been designed to be easy to join, easy to enjoy and easy on the wallet.

Who are the members?

If you love wine, this is the best way to purchase, sip and enjoy.  Members will typically live in the Dallas, Plano area or be diners of Sip & Savor.  Membership will be limited, and new members will be invited on a  basis determined by dates of request to join. A wait list will be maintained.


Each month we will have wine tastings with several new offerings and some selections from the restaurant wine list.  Sip & Savor will provide small bites to pair with the tastings.  Members receive two complimentary events per month.

Is there a minimum purchase requirement?

You purchase wine on your terms, either from our restaurant list at member discounts, from our monthly tastings and offerings, or from your special request. Your committment is 24 bottles per calendar year to maintain your single or couple membership.

Are there other costs?

There are no other costs.  Just enjoy great wine on your terms.

How do I get out of my membership?

You retire from the club at your leisure. You can join again at any time when we have openings from the waiting list.

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